The significance of biomass in achieving a global bioeconomy

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Henan Province Forest Resources Sustainable Development and High-value Utilization Engineering Research Center, School of Forestry, Henan Agricultural University, Zhengzhou 450002, China.


This manuscript explores the imperative role of biomass in shaping the global bioeconomy, necessitated by escalating energy demands and the consequent environmental challenges posed by fossil fuel dependency. This paper delineates the diverse forms of biomass — from lignocellulosic materials to organic waste and algae — each holding distinct chemical compositions and applications within the bioeconomy. Investigating biomass conversion technologies (i.e. thermochemical, biochemical and chemical) provides a comprehensive understanding of their merits and limitations in energy production and resource optimization. Specifically, it delves into pyrolysis, gasification, hydrothermal liquefaction, torrefaction, anaerobic digestion and transesterification, elucidating their mechanisms and contributions to energy generation and biofuel production. Moreover, the study incorporates bibliometric analysis, depicting thematic clusters
in biomass research and highlighting the evolving trends in its application within the bioeconomy. The primary focus of studies within the initial cluster revolves around utilizing biomass for a global bioeconomy through thermochemical conversion methods. Overall, this review underscores the indispensable role of biomass as a renewable and adaptable resource, pivotal in steering the transition towards a sustainable bio-based economy amid global environmental and socio-economic challenges.

Graphical Abstract

The significance of biomass in achieving a global bioeconomy


  • The pivotal role of biomass in shaping a global bioeconomy is reviewed.
  • Bibliometric analysis reveals interdisciplinary insights in this research.
  • The importance of biomass diversity and compositions in bioeconomy sectors are highlighted.
  • Different technologies for converting biomass to value-added products are discussed.
  • Future research in biomass applications to achieve circular economy is presented.


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